A cat was accidentally donated to a thrift store along with the chair he was hiding in

Normally it's a good idea to check pockets before giving clothes away. But a Colorado family should have checked inside their ripped recliner chair before dropping it off at the thrift store. Little did they know their pet cat, Montequilla, was hiding inside of it.

From CBS Denver:

"Denver Animal Protection got a call on New Year's Eve from a Denver Arc Thrift Store that someone had just dropped off a piece of furniture for donation and they found a cat stuck inside," city officials stated.

An animal control officer went to the store and was able to coax the kitty out of the chair without much trouble, noting it was "very friendly."

The officer scanned it for a microchip and tried to contact the owners but couldn't make contact. Later, the officer got a call from the owners who were frantically hoping she had their cat. …

The owners and their cat were reunited shortly afterward.