Eliminate dead Wi-Fi spots from your home with $34 off the Gryphon AX

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Without Wi-Fi, how would you go about sending emails, streaming content on TV, or just about anything you do on your connected electronics. Chances are you already have Wi-Fi in your home, even if you don't exactly know what Wi-Fi actually stands for.

But just about everybody has some complaint about their Wi-Fi, whether it's outages, certain areas of the house where it slows down or doesn't work at all, or speeds that change seemingly without reason. You want the best possible quality for your home, after all, because that's the quality you're gonna have to live with a vast majority of the time. That's where this top-rated Gryphon AX WiFi Router can help, and it's on sale for $245 right now.

Gryphon is the optimal router for your home because it's secure, fast, and easy to monitor and control as the owner. It also has Mesh WiFi 6, which supports a whole network of different devices in your home. Plus, if you have a particularly large house, you can buy two or more Gryphons and connect them to each other for wall-to-wall coverage without any dead spots.

The Gryphon has been featured on Bloomberg, PCMag, The Wall Street Journal, Tom's Guide, and more, and has an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon. It also features a CrowdRanking algorithm that automatically blocks inappropriate websites when it is enabled, as well as a bedtime feature that lets you shut off the connection to certain devices for certain hours of the day, in case you are trying to send your kids to sleep. These built-in features let you circumvent the traditional method of downloading separate software online in order to accomplish the same purpose.

This increase in efficiency is kind of the whole point of the Gryphon: You're getting much more value than other routers are able to offer. And right now, you can get the Gryphon AX WiFi Router for $245, or $34 off.

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