Empty G demonstrates zero knowledge of the first amendment

Marjorie Taylor Greene rages on over losing one of her Twitter accounts due to a long history of spreading COVID-19 misinformation, and sedition. Apparently, the congressperson from Georgia does not understand how free speech and its associated protections work.

Daily Beast:

Nevertheless, Greene has spent the past three days having a protracted meltdown over the decision, and went one step further Tuesday night by effectively accusing Twitter of committing an act of domestic terrorism in deleting her. She told Newsmax: "Twitter has attacked my district, and has attacked I would say our country as a whole by kicking a member of Congress off of their platform… And also, remember, they kicked off President Trump while he was a sitting United States president. So Twitter is completely out of bounds. No one elected them. No one put them in charge of what is information or what is misinformation."