Check out BMW's new color-changing car, which can go from white to black in an instant

Yesterday at CES, BMW unveiled its color-fickle car, which can change from white to black – or black to white – with a push of a button.

From Tech Crunch:

The BMW iX Flow, as the German automaker has dubbed this experimental vehicle, is wrapped in what is basically a form of e-paper, which BMW developed in cooperation with E Ink.

As of now, we're only talking about black and white as color options (with a few shades of grey in between), but that could change over time. And because just like your Kindle's screen doesn't use any energy after the content has changed, the iX Flow's electrophoretic technology doesn't use any energy either after you've set up your preferred color and design. …

Right now, BMW is only showing off the entire surface of the vehicle changing at once, but you could easily imagine the equivalent of e-ink bumper stickers or — because this is the world we live in — full-sized ads on the side of the car.

The car is currently in its experimental stage and has no set schedule for production.