Cruise operators seem to be living in fantasy land

The CDC has recommended US citizens not take cruises. Many of the lovely island countries that the floating mega-malls disgorge passengers at have refused their tourism dollars and instead sided with attempting to slow the spread of COVID-19, leaving cruise operators no choice but cancel a few cruises.

It would appear Royal Caribbean, operator of the largest ships, has canceled at least one cruise, and Norwegian Cruise Lines has canceled several.

For some reason, however, US ports are still open. I guess the land of the free wants to let the few infect the many. They do vote with their dollars, however, and the cruise operators are finding enough business to keep going so I guess we are doomed.


A similar decision to cancel trips by Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd was made against the backdrop of the United States reporting the highest daily tally of any country for new coronavirus infections on Monday.

"Due to ongoing travel restrictions, we've had to modify a few sailings and unfortunately have had to cancel," the 17-ship strong cruise operator said, with the embarkation dates for a few canceled sailings as far out as late April.

The cruise line, which requires everyone on board to be vaccinated, has also had to cut short a 12-day round trip from Miami on its Norwegian Pearl ship, citing "COVID related circumstances."

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had last week advised people to avoid cruise travel after launching investigations into onboard cases on more than 90 ships. The health agency starts a scrutiny if at least 0.1% of the guests test positive.

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