Get into your gaming zone with $56 off these Lenovo Bluetooth gaming earbuds

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Times are tough right now, you guys, really tough. If you've just joined us on planet Earth, there's a pandemic still raging through the world, global warming is setting everything on fire, and Joe Rogan is still relevant. And, while things are all-around terrible by large, you still find comfort behind the controllers, which is a good thing. Pair your self-care with some awesome accessories when you score this Lenovo LP6 TWS Bluetooth Gaming Headset for all of your gaming needs.

Alright gamer guys and gals, here's the deal with the Lenovo LP6 TWS Bluetooth Gaming Headset. Not just your average buds you would use for a light job around the block, these gaming earphones are specifically to lock into your favorite games for hours on end.

With HD low latency, you'll not only have the highest quality sound and noise reduction, but also the clearest connection to it all. Speaking of noise reduction, these buds have an enhanced canceling function to make sure the junk of the outside world stays there and doesn't rear its ugly head until you're done with your self-care COD. 

Need to go wireless? This pair can do so up to 32 feet away thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 chip technology, which is a cut above the rest.

Okay, but what about other headphone-centric features? Not only are you getting the best sound for up to six hours per charge, but the earbuds are also a great tool for hands-free calls. Now you can make and answer any phone calls you deem important during your rousing round of The Sims (let's be honest, no call is that important, but you'll make it anyway with these awesome buds).

Get the Lenovo LP6 TWS Bluetooth Gaming Headset for $44.95, or $56 off.

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