In prison interview, QAnon Shaman shares paranoid fantasies about the Deep State's "two-tiered slavery system"

Andrew Callaghan interviewed the QAnon Shaman from prison, who is serving 41-months at the Alexandria Detention Center for participating in the failed presidential coup on January 6, 2021.

In the interview, he discusses his life in prison, his "shamanic" practices, his use of psychedelic drugs, his father's suicide, his lack of friends in prison, and more.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

  • "I am in Alexandria detention center in Alexandria, Virginia. I am sleeping on a one-and-a-half-inch foam mat that is on top of our concrete slab every night. And that's pretty much where I'm sitting all day as well. I get 22 hours in my cell and two hours outside of my cell. There's no going outside or working out or anything like that, you know, this place can definitely take its toll on you. You know, it makes me think of the saying in The Shawshank Redemption when Red said, 'In prison, a man will do almost anything to keep his mind occupied.' Yeah, I know how that is."
  • "I officially started and deliberately started my shamanic path on November 2, 2012, when I got my first tattoos, and those were on my feet. And now I have over 100 hours worth of tattoos. And all of them were earned, or like, like through personal growth, or some sort of like a symbol for an accomplishment, or all have some sort of a deep meaning, or symbolize the overcoming of pain or an obstacle in my life. Like, for example, the bricks on my arm, the sleeves, I got those after my dad committed suicide, it took like 36 hours to complete. And the whole time I was you know, using the physical pain to deal with the mental and emotional pain I was."
  • "Vaccines are being used to is an excuse to do all sorts of things. It's I think it's only a matter of time before they'ew used to round up and detain enemies of a New World Order of the deep state."
  • "So I think that the ultimate end goal [of the Deep State] is to have a two-tiered slavery system where you have free range slaves that are in the cities, and they're being used as like workhorses to create a large generation of tax revenue for these black budget operations. And these people live in the city. And these people are monitored by like the deep underground bases, by these classified technologies. These people in these cities are basically held hostage by the corrupt deep underground bases. And then there would be FEMA camps or the concentration camps, which you know, these things, believe it or not, may already exist. If you look into the way that certain Walmart's have been shut down and converted. I mean, the stuff the same stuff we're talking about happened in Nazi Germany, it happened in the USSR, it happened and is happening right now in communist China."
  • On Trump's legacy: "He was trying to create peace in the Middle East, you know, he released the JFK file, he created the space force. There was also during the Trump administration, there was a declassification of a zero-point energy engine and inertia propulsion or anti-gravity craft that the Navy put out there. Okay, I'll put it this way. Q is the only major movement in history, as far as I can tell, that is working to disclose the full truth about, say government Special Access Programs, top secret information and technologies, the truth about things like aliens are interdimensional beings and their role here on the planet. They're the only ones that keep this… this movement was the only portion of any sort of campaign that I've seen in history that is talking about like the breakaway civilization that has been created in these deep underground military bases. It's the only movement that is disclosing the truth about things like looking glass technology, the anti gravity technology or inertial propulsion technology, how it relates to things like time travel, and creating timelines, the way that we have like healing technologies or infinite energy devices, and how all this stuff relates to black budgets, and to the endless amount of tax dollars that were being used to create this breakaway civilization. We procured over 1500 Nazi scientists, doctors and intelligence agents, and brought them over here. We wiped their war records and the war crimes clean. We brought them in into our government and put them aside with some of the highest levels of power in our government bureaucracy during Operation Paperclip."
  • When asked "Do you think that the more intense stuff in the Q universe. like elite Democrats drinking children's blood is also real?" The QAnon Shaman said: "Here's the thing about that. For thousands of years, that has been something that has been practiced by elite groups and high levels of occultic power, okay, in ancient Rome and ancient Egypt, okay, in ancient Babylon, and ancient Sumer. Okay, there were there were high levels of elites. And these individuals, what they would do is they would consume large amounts of psychoactive plants. And then they would do so at places like sacred sites like the pyramids, or in temples, or near obelisks, or out in the desert, you know, or, or, you know, sacred sites, etc, etc. And when they consume these large amounts of psychoactive plant, they would have these out of body experiences where they communicated with interdimensional beings that were of like a higher dimensional realm and the frequencies of light that are not perceived by the five senses, okay, and they would download large amounts of data in these higher dimensional data fields, that in many cases would go beyond syntax or go beyond the use of words. And these individuals basically expanded their consciousness field to like cosmic levels of proportion, and were able to digest these massive amounts of knowledge that most people don't even perceive, because they're so busy being stuck in their bodies. Now, with all that said, there's another faction within the Egyptian hierarchy, and that would be like the people that worship set and set is like the ancient Egyptian form of Satan. Okay, so Satan worship and Saturn worship are one in the same thing. And so there was this ancient form of Saturn worship in ancient Egypt, where what they would do is instead of consuming large amounts of psychoactive plants, which they did do on occasion, but what they did more than anything, is they use things like say, Hebrew children or children of slaves to do these satanic ceremonies of blood sacrifice. And the whole idea is that they terrified their victims to the point where their victims had an out of body experience. And in this out of body experience, their body filled with adrenaline, okay, and as their bodies filled with a bunch of adrenaline, they would end up killing them be the victim sacrificing them, to Saturn, okay. And in the process, their blood, their adrenal, their blood would be drained and poured into like, chalice or something like that. And when they drank the blood, they were drinking something known as Adrenochrome. Because once the adrenalized blood was hit with oxygen, it changed from adrenaline to adrenochrome. Okay, and if people don't believe that adrenochrome is real, all you got to do is watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, okay, I got Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Adrenochrome scene and you will see that this is a very real thing that you are able to harvest this this chemical adrenalized blood and drink it or ingest it and it will be like a an intense, psychedelic high. And these individuals would end up using this understanding that they had just for themselves and creating sort of like an elite group caste that kept everybody else marginalized and ruled. A lot of the time it was the same bloodlines that were moving from one empire to the other around the globe and erecting these empires based off of the same ritual magic, okay. And they would infiltrate the gene pools, certain ecosystems or certain nation or and, and then they would use these individuals as they infiltrated the gene pool. They would use their children as like higher level people in power, whether it be making them king or making them a prince or a duke or a sultan or whatever. So this is something that has been going on for quite some time. I mean, if you look into you know, how similar one of the I forgot his first name but there's a certain Rockefeller that looks just like John Podesta. And John Podesta looks just like the singer from from Linkin Park. I can't believe I'm drawing a blank on his name — Chester Bennington. Thank you. Yeah, they all look like strikingly similar. Okay, Angela Merkel in Germany looks just like Hitler. Barbara Bush looks just like Aleister Crowley. What we're talking about is like a 6000 year old death cult that has been sacrificing children like what was going on in Babylon and in in the Canaanites where they were sacrificing children to Baal and Moloch all that stuff. Okay, there's international bankers that own whole economies there is their international bankers, their own whole countries and all economies, okay. And these individuals are able to control and corrupt whole institutions of government, of corporations, banking, right."

I have to say, his ideas sounded pretty preposterous until I heard him say "Barbara Bush looks just like Aleister Crowley." Now I'm a believer!