Russian woman dismembers rapper husband, feeds his corpse to rats

36-year-old Marina Kukhal has been detained by Russian authorities after confessing to chopping up her husband's corpse and storing it in their St. Petersburg refrigerator, according to UK tabloid The Sun. A separate follow-up article adds the further gruesome details:

His fingertips were fed to rats in the yard outside, it is alleged. 

Forensic experts say eight key organs were unavailable to them, namely his stomach, pancreas, oesophagus, gall and urinary bladders, intestines, adrenal glands, and prostate gland.

They were either missing or had been put through a washing machine, it was reported.

Kukhal's husband was a Ukrainian-born man named Alexander Yushko, who also had a rap career performing under the name of Andy Cartwright. According to Russian police, Kukhal claims that:

She chopped up the 30-year-old's remains so his fans would never know he had died such an "inglorious" death – and planned to report him as a missing person.

Meanwhile, the Sun reports, Kukhal also allegedly learned that Yushko was cheating on her with a 26-year-old fan.

Russian media (again, via the Sun, so take it as you will) allegedly reports that the forensic evidence shows that Yushko was alive during his dismemberment, and technically died because of a lack of oxygen. Then there's some other shit about Kukhal allegedly drinking Yushko's blood and fucking his dead corpse, which, honestly, is pretty overkill, if we're already going with the jealous spouse story.

The Sun notes that, if Kukhal's confession is true — that Yushko died from an overdose and that her decision to dismember and store his body parts in the fridge while feeding other parts to animals all occurred after his death — then she is not technically in violation of any Russian laws.

Rapper's wife 'dismembered him with knife & hacksaw while he was still alive before feeding body parts to rats' [Will Stewart / The Sun]