The nomadplug is a travel adapter that'll ensure you have juice in 195 different countries

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Yeah, let's just call it now: We're not really going anywhere fast at this point. But someday, we'll be able to roam freely about the world, and it will be just such a wonderful day. You're going to want to be prepared for the moment. You'll need all the necessities for an international vacation including an updated passport, a new wardrobe for the occasion, and this nomadplug World Traveler Adapter to make sure you never lose power when you need it the most. 

Okay, so let's start decluttering some of those piecemeal adapters you collected from all of your adventures over the years. First of all, ditch them, all of them. There's no way you'll ever need more than the nomadplug moving forward. Safe for use in all 195 countries around the world, the nomadplug will have you saying, "Hola! Ciao! Guten tag!" and "Hey how ya doin'?" to all of your most coveted bucket list spots (whenever it is you can get back on a plane). 

Beyond that, the nomadplug is super lightweight and durable, so it fits in any carry-on, personal bag, or travel case wherever life takes you. Even if you find yourself living somewhere new for an undisclosed amount of time (read: stuck there thanks to COVIDiots), you can stick this lifesaver in your purse or computer bag and use it on the go. Call it your best travel buddy, but also apologize to your partner for giving them the demotion, they're now second best. 

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