Boba Fett week 2 review: you know, for kids!

"Chapter Two" of The Book of Boba Fett finally shows us something new in the Star Wars universe, a healthy regard for the lives of children.

This week on Boba we see that unlike any other character in the Star Wars universe, Boba seems to care about kids. Rather than kidnapping them for superpowers, harvesting them for their young bodies, or training them to commit patricide with the promise of achieving their greatest potential, Boba flashed back on seeing his dad's head and helmet get lopped off and has seemingly decided to kill anything that threatens Tusken kids.

We get an old west train heist because all shows featuring a Mandalorian are space westerns.

This episode also features a badass Wookie and some awful CGI Hutts. Interestingly, the characters of the Mayor and his Majordomo now seem fairly useless and uninteresting, as clearly the powers Boba and Fennic will contend with are not them. Extra cool is that the Wookie frequently works with Doctor Aphra, a comic book fan favorite. Honestly, I think the Wookie hates working for CGI Hutts too.

This week's massive fanservice comes when Disney shares that Luke's buddies are still living on Tattooine. In the United States, the average person lives within 20 miles of where they grew up, so cool that they are making Star Wars realistic.