Charge all your devices on the go with 54% off this portable charger

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If you're a tech enthusiast who's constantly on the go, you also need to carry accessories to keep your gadgets charged. It's hard enough packing up enough cords to charge these devices, let alone finding a wall outlet to tap into. In these cases, portable power is the go-to, especially if you can't be bothered to tether yourself to a stationary power source. 

With the ScoutPro: Ultimate All-In-One Charger with LED display, your portable charging needs are solved, and it's on sale for over 50% off at just $159. The ScoutPro packs 24,000mAh worth of large-capacity backup power that can effortlessly charge up to five devices at one time. That means it has enough for your family and friends to link up to if you're traveling with a group.

The ScoutPro touts multiple different ways to power your devices, so you'll never be without the juice you need. Its Type-C output is perfect for iPads, MacBooks, and tablets, while its USB-A port works with AirPods, Bluetooth speakers, and more. Not to mention, it even has two built-in magnetic chargers for compatible smartphones and smartwatches. Additionally, the handy LED display will give you every change status you need from a clear and emissive light indicator.

The aluminum design of the casing is sturdy enough to handle any adventure, so you can store it in any pack and rest easy knowing it'll hold up. Of course, a device this convenient would also need to give you enough charging output time as well. Luckily, this bad boy will give you 120 minutes of charge time, so you'll always have your devices on hand.

If you're always moving around for work, or if travel is on your New Year's resolution list, then this is your sign to never be without portable power again. You can pick up the ScoutPro: Ultimate All-In-One Charger with LED Display right now for only $159, down from $349.

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