Forget about hygge. Now it's all about uitwaaien.

Back in 2015, everyone was all about hygge, a Danish concept described by the Oxford English Dictionary as a "quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of comfort or well-being." Now though, there's a new Dutch word bubbling up in the US: uitwaaien (OUT-vwy-ehn), that according to the Washington Post "translates literally as 'out blowing' but is perhaps better understood as 'to walk in the wind.' Typically used as a noun, it describes the act of undertaking some sort of outdoor physical activity in windy conditions."

From the Washington Post/Greenwich Time:

"It's an old saying: 'I've gotta get uitwaaien.' I've gotta clear my head and just get away from distractions for a bit," said Arie Boomsma, who owns Vondelgym, a small chain of gyms in the Netherlands. In April, he published "10,000 Stappen Boek" ("10,000 Step Book"), a very uitwaaien-minded guide of 30 walks, each approximately 10,000 steps, Fitbit's magic number, across urban and rural settings throughout the country. "During the pandemic, it's just become a thing to go outside, get some fresh air. There's not much allowed aside from walking, running and biking. People just gave a whole new meaning to the term. Now it's urgent."

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image: Robin de Blanche/