Queens of the Stone Age cover Romeo Void's Never Say Never

It's getting harder to find modern rock bands lately. I'm not talking about indie bands that play guitar or pop acts (like Imagine Dragons) which classify themselves as a rock band. I'm talking about bona-fide, hard-rocking bands. You can blame the genre's decline on a litany of reasons, but rock music's status as "youth music" was usurped. Rock is no longer cool.

To compensate for the deficit of new rock, I've found it essential to cling to the surviving greats in the genre. Since the prospect of a future looks grim, I'm more than keen to cradle the slowly cooling embers of rock and roll from the compassionless winds of change. To keep the proverbial torch alight, Queens of the Stone Age have become my kerosene. The collective somehow gracefully walks the line between being modern and a throwback. Part of what affords the band their seemingly timeless aura is their reverence for the past.

In the video linked above, Queens of the Stone Age cover the Romeo Void song "Never Say Never" from their masterful collection of B-sides.