Unsurprisingly an Anti-Vaxxer who got sick at a Texas conspiracy theorist convention died of COVID-19 and not anthrax

As an update to this story about a bunch of anti-vaxxer conspiracy guys getting together to talk about absolutely nothing worth dying over, and sharing COVID-19. Rather than accepting that COVID-19 was real, they decided the conference must have been attacked with anthrax.

The consequences were deadly.

Daily Beast:

Far-right podcast host Douglas Kuzma—who was an outspoken critic of the COVID-19 vaccine—has died while battling the coronavirus, which he contracted after attending a QAnon-friendly gathering in Texas that right-wingers baselessly claimed was the victim of an anthrax attack.

Tim Greer, a fellow right-wing podcaster and good friend of Kuzma's, told The Daily Beast in late December that his longtime pal tested positive for COVID-19 after attending Clay Clark's right-wing event. The same conference was recently rife with right-wing rumors over the accusation that Clark had pumped anthrax through fog machines.

"Well, he didn't have it before he went there, let's say that," Greer said.

Kuzma's fellow right-wing radio host further told The Daily Beast that the Frog News Network radio host had been hospitalized. "Well, he [Kuzma] was tested positive for COVID, so COVID is what it is," Greer told The Daily Beast while tossing cold water on the rumors that he might be sick due to anthrax poisoning. (Amanda Kuzma confirmed to The Daily Beast on Thursday morning, that her father had been admitted to the hospital before his death.)