Warrant out for the arrest of a Texas school teacher after she locked her COVID positive son in the trunk of her car

Texan teacher Sarah Beam didn't want to contract COVID-19 from her son, so she made him ride in the trunk of the car. Folks at the testing site she went to didn't seem to think this was cool. An arrest warrant has been issued and she has been suspended from work, pending an investigation.

The Hill:

She allegedly placed her son in the trunk of her car to avoid being exposed to the teen, who she told authorities had COVID-19. She allegedly told officials that the two were there to do additional testing for her son.

Officials first became aware of the incident after a noise coming from the trunk was heard by a witness, and the trunk was later unhatched by the Texas teacher, KPRC 2 Houston reported.

The witness then contacted police after Beam was reportedly told that the teen needed to be removed from the trunk and placed in the back seat, or else she would not receive a COVID-19 test.

The teen later left the trunk and entered the back seat, according to surveillance footage that officials were able to access, the news outlet noted.