Ugandan action cinema is peak African filmmaking

When the discussion of African filmmaking comes up, Nigeria typically dominates the conversation. For several decades, Nigeria has made tremendous strides in the world of cinema with its famed Nollywood. Through replicating the success of Bollywood by making culturally specific films that are a little cheesy in execution, Nigeria has risen to become a significant player in the global film market. However, where Nigeria leans towards comedy and romance, Ugandan cinema focuses on action. There are several entries in Uganda's film catalog that distill the essence of the growing African movie market. Still, if you're looking for a great gateway into Ugandan action, there's no better movie than Who Killed Captain Alex

Riddled with horrible special effects and green screen, plus a DJ-style narrator who essentially heckles the entire film, Who Killed Captain Alex is one of the most popular Uganda films despite its copious "flaws." If you're looking for a successor to The Room and Plan 9 From Outer Space, check out the YouTube link above to watch Who Killed Captain Alex in full.