Bullets in deodorant, a meth burrito, and the TSA's other "Top 10 Catches of 2021"

The US Transportation Security Administration released its "Top 10 Catches of 2021," items that travelers attempted to bring through airport security checkpoints in luggage or on their person. Some are more unusual than others.

  1. Chainsaw (New Orleans International Airport)  
  2. A wine holder shaped like a gun (Sacramento International Airport)
  3. Fireworks (Syracuse Hancock International) 
  4. Machete (Reagan Washington National)
  5. Bear spray (Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport)
  6. A meat cleaver (Harrisburg International Airport)
  7. Gun belt buckle (Honolulu International Airport)
  8. Meth burrito – (Hobby International Airport in Texas)
  9. Antique pistol (Newark International Airport)
  10. Bullets in deodorant (Atlantic City International Airport in New Jersey)