Dambe: the Nigerian combat sport

One of the most incredible elements of the UFC, and the broader rise of mixed martial arts as a sport, is witnessing combat styles from around the world. Even though we already understand which fighting styles are the most effective in actual combat, it's interesting to see how other cultures approach fighting. While some disciplines lean more towards balletic movements and elegance, other cultures focus on brutal brawling traditions. Ironically enough, the martial arts from the latter category tend to be more applicable to real violence than the choreography of more traditional Eastern martial arts. While martial arts like kung fu and Taekwondo look impressive, they usually crumble under the pressure of styles with less showmanship.

In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Combat Culture explores the world of Nigerian Dambe. In Dambe, two warriors wrap a rope around one fist, turning their arm into a more effective bludgeon, and grapple in a circle of spectators. I don't think Dambe will ever find its way into the UFC, but two pros from the company offer their analytical eye to assess Dambe's effectiveness in the video.