Boba Fett Week 3: Chrome don't get you home

There better be a Trejo's Tacos on Tattooine.

The third installment of The Book of Boba Fett is about epic empty payoffs, bad special effects, and Star Wars finally, finally getting stunt-casting right… and somehow they made a Wookie fight not exciting.

Recent events have left Boba even more wooden and emotionless, and it would appear his constant getting beat up requires he just sleep in a bacta tank all the time! The CGI Hutts, known for their empathy, see this suffering and decide to bring him a pet, not realizing that simply by introducing Boba to his new pet rancor's trainer they had brought balance to the fucking Force!

The rancor's trainer is Danny Trejo. He brings a sage, Miagi-style wisdom to the franchise missing since Sir Alec Guinness' Obi-Wan passed in the first movie. Now we have Danny Trejo lovingly caring for Boba's pet rancor and being a grounding, mellow influence.

Thank you, CGI Hutts!

Flashbacks during bacta-time this week mostly just continued to help set up that the Pike are bad guys, which is pretty typical of a crime syndicate. In current-time Boba continues to show his soft spot for the underprivileged and adopts an impoverished gang of really flashy cybernetic kids with super nice looking hover-Vespas. The Vespa gang helps him with their cool gadgets and plucky determination as we work our way through all the major crime syndicates. Fans are waiting for Qira and Crimson Dawn but that seems like finale fodder.