Ditch bulky power banks with 50% off the Power Wallet

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Who doesn't want to stay charged up while on the go? If you hate dead phone batteries but love looking slick, this two-in-one wallet charger is the thing for you. Built to look like a classic black bi-fold wallet, the Moovy Power Wallet will keep your cards and cash in order while providing plenty of power to keep your phone going. Even better: we're offering a 49% discount on the Moovy Power Wallet: Built-In Power Bank & Integrated Plugs, only $64.99 to get this sleek, modern wallet.

Enough power to charge your phone twice while still the size of a normal wallet, Moovy will make sure that your phone is charged even when you haven't found an outlet all day. It doesn't skimp on the storage to make room for the battery, Moovy Power Wallet holds 5 of your cards and comes with a great-looking chrome money clip to hold your cash. Enough storage to turn it into a time capsule!

Keep it in your back pocket so you'll always have it on hand when your phone gets to 1%. Moovy accepts Apple, MicroUSB, and Type-C connections, and has all the ports fully integrated so you and your friends can all charge up during a long night out or if you want to keep the music going. It's even cruelty-free with great-looking vegan leather, check it out!

Receiving a 4.5 out of 5 stars from customer reviews on Oui Power, the Moovy Power Wallet has been blowing away customers. One 5-star review said "The quality of the leather seems great, the money clip is sturdy, and it all looks good and functions even better. It could hold seven cards comfortably; I currently have five and a wallet multi tool."

You'll be out longer than ever with Moovy, and to top it off you'll be saving more than $60 on Moovy Power Wallet: Built-In Power Bank & Integrated Plugs. That's only $64.99 for a sleek, powerful power bank in a handy, attractive wallet.

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