Former leader of neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Division jailed for 7 years

Kaleb Cole, 25, was convicted of threatening journalists and Jewish activists and sentenced to 7 years imprisonment, reports NBC News. The former leader of the neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Division, Cole and his group mailed threatening posters to their targets and, in one case, glued one to the window of their home.

"Today the community and those Mr. Cole and his co-conspirators targeted stand up to say, 'hate has no place here,'" U.S. Attorney Nick Brown said. A co-conspirator in the plot, Cameron Shea, 25, another Atomwaffen Division leader, was sentenced to three years in August, the Justice Department said. Two other people were also sentenced in the plot after they pleaded guilty and have since renounced their Neo-Nazi views, officials said.

Here's some analysis from one of the targets. And here's what we're talking about:

Atomwaffen advocates attacks on the federal government of the United States, minorities, gays, Jews, and burns copies of the United States Constitution and flag in its propaganda videos. Atomwaffen Division has engaged in several mass murder plots, plans to cripple public water systems and destroy parts of the Continental U.S. power transmission grid. Atomwaffen has also been accused of planning to blow up nuclear power stations. The organization's aim is to violently overthrow the federal government of the United States via terrorism and guerrilla warfare tactics. Since 2017, the organization has been linked to eight killings in the US and several violent hate crimes, including assaults, rapes and multiple cases of kidnapping and torture.