How to write a Fast and Furious film

In a hilarious meme, the Instagram account itsevanwilliams gives his take on the coke-fueled benders that most likely inspire the Fast and Furious series. The worst part of the video is that he's probably not too far from the truth. 

Before the Fast and Furious film series wore its absurdity on its sleeve, I thought it was trying to be serious. Once the Rock joined the cast, my illusions were laid to rest. Sure, the films are formulaic and openly devoid of substance, but the same critique can apply to the Marvel films, and we flock to those, too. The difference between Marvel and the Fast franchise is that the former derives their scripts from comics with heavy symbolism. When Marvel movies swing towards the unenlightened, it's due to problems with adaptation and not the source material. The Fast films are dumb from the ground up.