Glenn Beck says he has Covid again, and this time it's in his lungs

Far-right radio host Glenn Beck, who once equated anti-vaxxers with Galileo, has come down with Covid — again. And this time it has traveled into his lungs.

He shared his Covid news with colleague Mark Levin, who, like so many others, left his house one day as a Never-Trumper only to mysteriously return as a pro-Trump doormat.

"I'm am great, Mark. Despite having Covid and seeing the destruction of our country."

"Do you have Covid right now?" Levin asked.

"Yeah, I do. It's starting to go into my lungs today, a little disturbing. I'm on all the medications and treatments and everything else, so," Beck said.

Beck explained that the monoclonal treatment won't work for "the new strain" but that he's loaded up with all kinds of other supplements and drugs, including, of course, ivermectin.

While coughing, he told Levin he's had Covid for about a week. "I'm not going downhill. I mean, I think I'm feeling better. It's just getting into my lungs … you will want to avoid that."

He then brushes his illness aside. "Mark, I am not concerned about it. I'm really not," he says. "I just am so done with this whole Covid thing. I know it is real. … I am a fatty-fat-fatso, so that is probably not the best thing, and I got some other issues."

Via Daily Beast