Silicon Valley will use lasers to combat bothersome crows

Residents of Sunnyvale, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, are irritated by the large number of crows that are flocking around the downtown area, making a lot of racket, snatching outdoor dinners' food, and pooping everywhere. According to Vice Mayor Alysa Cisneros says city staff may start using lasers to combat the crows.

"We are currently looking at laser pointers to humanely annoy the crows into leaving," Cisneros told NBC Bay Area:

The Audubon Society said it doesn't have an answer but is adamant that lasers are not the solution.

"I have real concerns about the use of lasers," [Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society executive director Matthew] Dodder said. "Lasers can blind the birds, which is a death sentence for the birds because they can't see, they can't fly or feed properly."

image: KHIUS/