The reason dogs walk in circles before they sleep

In the video linked above, Vetstreet offers the evolutionary reason that dogs still circle their resting place in modernity.

You've seen it before: Your dog looks for a place to curl up then starts turning in circles — and even scratching or digging at bedding or carpeting — before finally lying down. So what's up with this odd sleeping habit? In this video, Dr. Sarah Wooten explains why this curious behavior probably has to do with your canine's ancestry and when this behavior should be cause for concern.

Dogs are easily the best animal. Even if you prefer cats, which is perfectly fine, you have to acknowledge that they don't care about humans. Dogs share a seat at the table of human achievement for helping to build and maintain civilization. Case in point, there aren't any hunting cats or bomb-sniffing cats. Surprisingly, seeing-eye cats exist, but they're not nearly as reliable as their canine equivalent. Dogs, as a species, are honorary members of the human tribe, whereas cats are essentially moody roommates that have a thriving career on YouTube.

However, despite how close we are to dogs, they possess a host of peculiar traits that baffle even the most ardent dog lover. For example, why do dogs find such joy in staring out into the middle distance for hours? Or, more pressingly, why do they do that cute little circular walk before they sleep?