Watch: Arizona State Rep Jake Hoffman refuses to say who told him to sign false Presidential election document

Arizona Republic reporter Richard Ruelas had a simple question for Arizona State Rep Jake Hoffman, who signed his name as an official elector on a fraudulent document that claims Trump won Arizona in 2020.

Ruelas asked, "Under what authority did you find yourself as an elector?"

Hoffman responded with the kind of legalistic mumbo jumbo a 12-year-old would employ to explain why the cookie jar is broken on the kitchen floor:

"In unprecedented times unprecedented action has occurred," he said. "There is no case law, there's no precedent that exists as to whether or not an election that is currently being litigated in the courts has due standing, which is why we felt it appropriate to provide Congress and the Vice President with, uh, dueling opinions."

Reporter Ruelas has dealt with punks like Hoffman plenty of times in his career, so he doesn't let Hoffman's content-free word salad throw him off. He simply restated the question: "Did you have direction from anybody in doing this? Was it you eleven [the eleven who signed the fake document], yourself, doing this, or did someone give you advice on the manner in which you can do it?"

Hoffman: So, I'm simply, I was one of the electors right? I'm not in charge of the —

Ruelas [interrupting Hoffman]: How did you hear about it?

Hoffman: You would need to ask the party chair.

Ruelas: How did you hear about it? How did you hear about the plan? Were you told to be [unintelligible] somewhere?

Hoffman: You would need to ask the party chair.

Ruelas: But you're the person who received the call! You showed up, right? How did you know to show up?

Hoffman: So as I said, you can go ahead and ask the party chair the logistics of it.

Ruelas: Ask her how you got a phone call to [unintelligible] somewhere?

Hoffman: You're welcome to talk to them about the logistics.

Ruelas: Do you not know how you arrived at a place?

Hoffman: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Ruelas: Do you really know how you got a call?

Hoffman [walking away]: Have a great one.

Hoffman appears to have an unsavory past: