Flying Luna Clipper was animated on an 8-bit computer

The Flying Luna Clipper (フライング ルナ クリッパー) is a 1987 short film created by Kan Tsuzurahara on an 8-bit MSX2 computer—a peculiar masterpiece of animation produced with strikingly limited tools.

Matt Sephton:

To me the piece feels like an extended intro sequence to a non-existent video game, a strange visual novel on automatic playback, a surreal slideshow, or megademo. There are several intermissions that can leave the viewer confused, unsettled, pondering the meaning of life itself. I feel that is quite apt as The Flying Luna Clipper was planned to celebrate the birth of Ikko's first child, with work commencing shortly after he learned of the pregnancy. The movie was completed one month before the birth. Ikko told me: "I love this work like my child".