Watch: Simple explainer on why democracy in America will lose, unless Democrats wake up

Using a whiteboard, author and Ohio politician David Pepper posted a video on his Twitter account (below) describing "two sides of an epic struggle in America right now." But each side is fighting for something different, "and that's why one side is winning."

Pepper explains the "Elections vs Democracy" battle in simple terms. Basically, the one side (Democrats) "views politics as a battle over elections," while the other side (Republicans) "is battling democracy itself." And of course if you "view the battle differently," you're going use a different set of strategies.

The Democratic strategy to win elections: focus on swing states and federal elections.

The Republicans strategy to demolish democracy: go "far deeper," and fight on a state level, across the whole dang country.

Pepper —whose book Laboratories of Autocracy calls for those who value democracy to wake up and smell the gunpowder — says that until the Elections side sees the big picture and learns to fight everywhere, "at the roots of democracy," the battling-Democracy side (as in MAGA fascists) will always win.