Meet the fighting game pro that wins without hands

"I can beat you with both hands behind my back" is usually a phrase uttered by supremely confident and braggadocious competitors. In the case of the Street Fighter pro Brolylegs, it's a fairly honest appraisal of his physical limitations. If you've ever tried playing Street Fighter, or any fighting game, at a competitive level, you already know about the unfathomable difficulty inherent in the discipline. Not only are you juggling the geometry of the characters and their effective ranges, but you're also applying that knowledge within seconds, thanks to perfectly honed motor skills. It's already rough enough with two hands. 

Brolylegs, also known as Mike Begum, plays with Street Fighter using a controller and his mouth. Yeah, you read that correctly. Racking up a series of victories over the years, Brolylegs has become a legend within the fighting games community due to his unique and effective playstyle. The official Street Fighter Youtube channel gives Begum the praise and attention he deserves in the video linked above.