Motorist Karen furious at the victim of her bad driving mistake

Here we are treated to the spectacle of a United Kingdom Karen who didn't bother to check for traffic before she opened her car door after parking on the side of a busy street. When another car going down the street slammed into the open door, damaging both vehicles, the solipsistic gentlewoman leaped from her horseless carriage to administer a severe tongue-lashing to the hapless victim.

The entire incident was recorded from a CCTV camera on a nearby business' building. The sound quality isn't great but you can hear the woman scream "Are you fucking kidding me?! Are you fucking kidding me?! Are you fucking kidding me?! Are you fucking daft?!"

When the victim tried to show the self-absorbed Karen the damage his own car sustained, she only screamed "And look at mine! Look at mine!"

At that point, the video ends. But it's a safe bet the woman's temper tantrum didn't. Can someone check to see if she's still there, hollering? She might need a drink of water.

In the UK, as in the United States "opening a door to danger" is an offense. Drivers are obligated to check for traffic before opening car doors and are liable for any damages their door might cause to cars, bikes, or pedestrians.

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