Ghislaine Maxwell to no longer protect identity of "John Does"

Ghislaine Maxwell will no longer object to the naming of the men given anonymity in court records in her case, reports The New York Post. Maxwell, who procured victims for billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and participated in their abuse, was convicted of sex trafficking at the conclusion of a lengthy trial in New York earlier this month. The many "John Does" named in court documents will now likely be revealed in future proceedings, but names are already out there. Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and many other powerful men are implicated, if only as passengers aboard the Epstein private jet route sometimes called the "Lolita Express".

After careful review of the detailed objections submitted by Non-Party Does 17, 53, 54, 55, 73, 93, and 151

As someone remarked, there were more élite creeps in Ghislaine Maxwell's little black book than there were first-generation Pokémon.