Listen to Teddy Swims' cover of Georgia on my mind

No matter how hard we try, our eyes will always establish a bias based on the plethora of visual information we've accrued over a lifetime of experiences. Too often are we forced to reevaluate a person after forming an imbalanced perspective of their personality before we interact with them.

When I first encountered Teddy Swims, it was on a muted Instagram clip. Judging by his visage alone, I assumed he'd be yet another white rapper, festooned in facial tattoos, that was actively searching for fifteen seconds of fame as opposed to the more sustainable version of renown. With the endless barrage of "musicians" that share his aesthetic, it was remarkably easy to slot Swims into a stereotypical category that robbed him of individuality. Once I allowed Swims' melodic vocals to work their way into my ears, I realized that I should've let his music speak first.

That's why I feel Swims' cover of Ray Charles' "Georgia on my mind" is the perfect way to introduce him to others. Unlike Charles, who would've never had the chance to form a negative association with Swims' visual, I couldn't divorce my bias on a first impression. However, through his admiration for Charles' work, I finally got to see Swims' talent in a clearer light than my eyes would've ever allowed.