This Tamagotchi-knockoff has a hole to stick your finger in

The Punirines Touchable Digital Pet has a hole in the side so you can insert your finger and "feel" the virtual creature inside, which is advertisd as being "very squishy and addictive to touch!"

From Core 77:

This strange Japanese amusement device walks the line between innovative and creepy. The Punirines Touchable Digital Pet is, like the original Tamagotchi… a digital pet trapped inside an electronic case. But there's a finger-sized hole in the Punirines' case, so you can insert a digit and "pet" your Punirines. An animation of your finger appears on-screen, and you feel a texture—described as "squishy" in the product copy below—on your fingertip.

I'm not doing it unless the Reverend Mother holds a poisoned needle to against my neck.