Watch the scene from the Lancer pilot that inspired Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Since the beginning of his directorial career, accusations of plagiarism have circled Quentin Tarantino like buzzards over carrion. The debate between the director's most ardent fans and detractors usually boils down to the difference between homage and theft. While he never gives too much credence to the claims of plagiarism, Tarantino will playfully claim to "steal" from his favorite scenes all the time in interviews. Whichever camp you reside in, it's evident that Tarantino wears his influences on his sleeve.

In his most recent film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Tarantino doesn't just reference classic films through identical cinematography; he actively recreates scenes from movies and television shows in the era. Seeing Leonardo DiCaprio's Rick Dalton starring in The Great Escape is the most prominent and jarring example of this practice. However, the entire subplot that follows Dalton's day on the Lancer set is the most elaborate reimagining of 60s entertainment in the movie.

In the video linked above, you can watch the scene from the Lancer pilot that features throughout in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.