Cargo trains in LA raided for Amazon packages

For most people, the fear of thieves stealing their Amazon packages happens once the items are delivered. There's that weird period where the coveted item you've been craving for a whole day rests vulnerably on your doorstep like an infant at a firehouse. Maybe you're running errands or at work when you get the notification that your package is waiting for you, but, in either scenario, the apprehension is the same. It doesn't matter about the affluence of your neighborhood or how upstanding your neighbors seem; the fear, no matter how slender, exists in the back of your mind. Unfortunately, you can now add the prospect of your package getting stolen long before it reaches your door to your list of worries.

In the video linked above, Inside Edition, of all places, covers a cargo train in Los Angeles getting gutted for the valuable Amazon items housed inside. As if the crime wasn't detestable enough, the trash littered across the rails is an equally appalling sight.