Gaslands UK Car of the Month

I'm a huge fan of Gaslands, the tabletop sci-fi miniatures game where players convert die cast toy cars (Matchbox, Hot Wheels) into post-apocalyptic combat vehicles that fight it out over an irradiated wasteland called Earth.

I love the game itself, but my main attraction is the Mad Max-y car conversion part. As a lifelong miniatures gamer, I have long flirted with the idea of learning sculpting (both analog and digital) so that I can design and cast my own minis. Gaslands has allowed legions of tabletop gamers to become miniature designers and builders.

There are so many amazing Gaslands car conversions to be found on the Internet. Each month, a YouTube channel called Gaslands UK Car of the Month features a build theme, the entries on that theme, and declares a winner.

Image: Screengrab