Oscar Issac joins the Marvel cinematic universe as Moon Knight

When Samuel L Jackson sauntered across the screen in 2008's Iron Man, spouting promises of a connected Marvel universe in film, my lifelong nerd noodle began to rifle through a potential roster of films. Like any good geek from that era, I knew Marvel's big guns—The Fantastic FourSpider-ManDaredevil, and the X-Men—were locked down with other movie studios. If Marvel wanted to make their own movie studio work, they would need to rely on their second-string heroes. Of all the characters I considered, Moon Knight never crossed my mind as I pondered who Marvel would potentially select for their future adaptations. 

That's not because the character is terrible on the page. Moon Knight has been pretty hit or miss throughout his career but far more hit than miss. It's just that Moon Knight was seemingly too obscure for mainstream attention. Only weird, obsessive nerds like me would be excited to see the character on the big screen. Cut to today, and Marvel has turned the entire planet into weird, obsessive nerds like me. So, not only is Moon Knight getting an adaptation, but, dig this, it's hotly-anticipated.

The ever-talented Oscar Issac dons Moon Knight's signature white hood in a trailer that looks as trippy as anything Marvel's produced in the video linked above.