Watch: Ad that mocks Trump by comparing him to DeSantis more relevant today than when first aired

The Lincoln Project is airing an ad in Palm Beach and Tallahassee that trolls Donald Trump, comparing the ol' has-been to his "bigger" and "better" rival, Governor Ron DeSantis.

The ad starts off with a taunting female narrator that reminds Trump that DeSantis would be a nobody without him. And yet, she says, DeSantis is "making it his Republican party."

"Everyone says he's better than you. Bigger than you. Smarter than you. Thinner than you," the voice says. "Don't take our word for it — just watch Fox."

The ad goes on to highlight Fox's new love affair with DeSantis as they encourage the governor's presidential run in 2024. "He's on [Fox] all the time," the narrator says to Trump. "You, not so much."

Although the spot, "Sad," first aired in September, the recent sparring between the two buffoons over vaccines and DeSantis' dreams of becoming the next GQP president makes it much more relevant today.