German musician releases new album on an N64 cartridge

A German musical artist by the name of Remute has just announced his latest electro pop album, titled R64. But here's the catch, as the artist explains via BandCamp: it's being released on a Nintendo 64 Cartridge. And vinyl, too, if that's what you're into. But you can also pop the album into your Nintendo 64 (which I'm assuming you still own?) and play it that way. As the artist explains on BandCamp:

No tricks – this is not an embedded MP3-player, terribly compressed WAV-files on a microSD-card or other cheating: as with all previous Remute cartridge albums the sound on this cartridge gets generated and played back in realtime and it's all happening within meager 8 Megabytes! With 'R64' the Nintendo 64 console is your very own synthesizer and happy to serve you every time you turn it on and press play! 93,75 MHz, baby! 

For this wizardry Remute cooperated with genius Nintendo 64 dev Rasky, who is not only responsible for the sound engine and player-GUI, but also managed to put together an amazingly trippy 3D-experience accompanying Remute's music – you will…uhmmm… fly. 

The cartridges are region-free and will fit and play flawlessly on all models of the Nintendo 64 console – no matter if NTSC-U, PAL or NTSC-J. 

Pre-orders are available now via BandCamp, with the album dropping on March 25, 2022.