Turn almost anything into a speaker with this discounted gadget you can fit in your wallet

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From phone calls to podcasts to music playlists, you listen to a lot of stuff these days. And while earbuds and your phone's speaker work just fine most of the time, there are moments when a wireless speaker would really come in handy. But lugging one of those things around in your bag all day is, well, really awkward. 

If you could use a wireless speaker that you could whip out at a moment's notice, this compact Blade Bone Conduction Speaker will definitely fit the bill. While it's no bigger than a credit card, this little gizmo packs a powerful punch, capable of bouncing off sound while sitting on virtually any surface, turning nearly anything — yes, anything — into a speaker. 

A total hit on Kickstarter, earning it an impressive $112,941 in funding, the Blade Bone Conduction Speaker is blowing minds all over the place. Whether you put it in a cardboard box or set it on top of your bed, the gizmo's bone conduction technology converts sound into mechanic vibrations in varying frequencies, creating dynamic sound from a wide variety of surfaces. In fact, it's capable of delivering sound up to 115dB, which is four to five times louder than the average cell phone speaker. 

The Blade Bone Conduction Speaker is super compact, allowing you to literally store it in your wallet alongside your credit cards. That means you could keep two of them in there, allowing you to achieve full surround sound when you use them together. And to make things even more convenient, the Blade is totally rechargeable, giving you up to four hours of continuous playtime with each charge.

People everywhere are embracing this new way of amplification, praising the gadget for its portability and convenient design, having a grand old time playing around with sound on different surfaces and in different spaces. And at this price point, it's way more affordable than traditional wireless speakers.

Get the Blade Bone Conduction Speaker at 28% off, making it just $34.95 down from nearly $50.

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