Finally, an odor eliminator that'll get that take-out smell out of your car

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No matter how much you stay on top of cleaning, laundry, and whatever else, stinky odors can reak havoc in your home. From icky kitty litter stink to that leftover spinach you forgot about in the back of the fridge, bad smells are hard to ignore, and they can be super embarrassing when people come over. 

Instead of dousing your place in chemicals to try to mask these ungodly odors, go the safe route with the VentiFresh ECO, the next-generation odor eliminator that noses everywhere can appreciate. Inspired by the photocatalyst technology NASA uses at the International Space Station, the Venti-Fresh ECO is able to make icky odors completely disappear from the air, never releasing harmful waste or chemicals — it's even safe enough to place next to your food and keep around pets. 

While this little odor-eating gadget is small, it's incredibly powerful thanks to its core three-layer design that uses UV rays to sterilize microorganisms and eliminate bacteria and germs, freshening the air immediately surrounding it and kicking odors to the curb. And unlike other air-purifying gizmos out there, the VentiFresh ECO doesn't need to be replaced periodically, and it never requires you to swap out filters — it's designed for the long haul.

A friend to the environment, the VentiFresh ECO doesn't emit harmful chemicals into the air and is energy-efficient, as it plugs right into a power bank via a USB port, using no more than 5Wh. Choose between its turbo mode and quiet mode, perfect for when you're using it in the bedroom or office, and take advantage of its attachable gel pad that lets you stick it on any surface, from your kitchen wall to the dashboard of your car

The VentiFresh ECO is changing the way people deal with nasty odors, from its green-friendly build to its easy-to-use design. It's no wonder the gadget raised an impressive $111,813 in funding on Indiegogo, as well as rave reviews from top sites, including Engadget, E27, Techseen, and more.

Save 40% on the VentiFresh ECO: Next Generation Odor Eliminator, making it just $42.99, down from $72. 

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