Get a budget-friendly smart tablet with built-in Google Assistant for $140

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Searching for that affordable smart tablet to watch your favorite shows or help with daily tasks, but don't want to overpay? This Lenovo Smart Tab M8 includes every necessary feature to satisfy those needs, plus comes with Google Assistant, all for only $139.99.

Whether you're an art designer or avid eBook reader that isn't fond of squinting or getting a headache while looking at a tiny smartphone screen, this Lenovo smart tablet is the perfect tool to enhance your productivity and entertainment experience. With an 8-inch HD IPS display and sophisticated grey metal casing, you'll appreciate the perks of a durable item as well as picturesque-quality screen time. Not to mention all the other benefits that come along with using a tablet as a preferred choice of device. 

Take this as a new travel accessory to enjoy video games, check emails, or simultaneously do both with split-screen abilities. The Smart Tab M8's quad-core processor can easily switch between tabs and promptly download apps, movies, documents, and more across all Android devices through cloud integration. Not only convenient for work, the Lenovo tablet can also confidently secure your personal music, photos, and videos with the 32GB internal storage. To top it off, you won't have to worry about battery longevity thanks to the included smart charging station.

Additionally, the Smart Tab M8 also pairs with Google Assistant, so you can be connected and in charge of adjusting the lights or temperature around your smart home to your liking. You can also activate voice commands to shuffle through your playlists without lifting a finger. Best of all, the Lenovo tablet is an affordable useful device that the whole family will love, making it a long-term and economically-savvy investment. 

Work, play, and travel all with one device. The Lenovo Smart Tab M8 plus Google Assistant can be all yours for just $140. 

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