Cryptoland dead after failing to buy non-crypto real estate

It was only November 2021 when the Fyre Island-esque NFT paradise known as Cryptoland had first announced itself to the world in a creepy CGI video featuring anthropomorphic Bitcoin; and it was just two weeks ago that their Twitter account made some even more creepy-ass comments about the age of sexual consent on the IRL NFT isle-to-be.

But alas, the dream of the world's "first physical crypto island" is not to be — at least, not with the real-life real estate they had original planned on selling on the blockchain, anyway. As The Guardian reports:

The real estate agent selling Nananu-i-cake, Rick Kermode, of New Zealand firm Bayleys, told Guardian Australia that the contract to sell it to Cryptoland's backers fell through this week and the island was back on the market.

"We're telling people that it was under contract during the period of time that they had the contract but it has come back on the market," he said.

Alas, poor Cryptoland, we hardly knew ye. Maybe next they can sell an NFT of a bridge in Brooklyn.

Cryptoland runs aground as $12m bid to buy Fiji island for resort falls through [Ben Butler / The Guardian]