God help us all: Hershey's Kisses will have vanilla frosting this Easter

Presumably, we've all fallen off of our New Year's resolutions by now. To be frank, I don't trust anyone that adheres to the concept beyond the month of February. Let's say you're trying to lose weight. If you can resist the oceans of decadence that line the aisle of any convenience store around Valentine's day, I'm not sure that I want to know you. Even after withstanding the assault against your willpower on February 14th, you still have to make it through Easter if you intend to stand firm on your resolution to shed pounds. Well, the fine folks at Hershey's have decided to turn the difficulty on that particular task up to eleven.

This Easter, Hershey is unveiling a new flavor of their famous Kisses filled with vanilla frosting. Look, I'm Muslim, and even I'm contemplating picking up a bag. Of course, I'll only eat them before or after the intended date, but that's beside the point. The folks at Hershey's have to be stopped before they can chip away at our collective willpower even further.