Custom sneakers based on VHS tapes (have a big logo not shown in product shots)

UPDATE: A reader who bought a pair reports that they came with a "whack garbage" logo that is concealed in all the product shots. The existence of the logo is disclosed in 16px gray text at the bottom of the product description, but not its size and placement. — Rob.

Reader-submitted photo

Decide for yourself! I see other differences, too.


I'm pretty basic when it comes to my sneakers. I tend to like the low-cut skate-style shoes, and I buy one pair that can pass as Business Casual and wear them til they're worn out. So I've never really understood the whole expensive fancy custom sneaker trend —

— until I saw these Retrowave VHS Sneakers, which are dope as hell.

Look familiar?

New Retro sells a few different VHS-style shoes — including some Converse-like models that I may have to indulge in.

New Retro 1988 VHS Retrowave Sneakers