Virginia Gov. Youngkin's new snitch-line makes for great prankster fun

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin has set up an email snitchline, where parents can report "divisive practices" taking place at their child's school, such as teaching the facts about racism in the US, or daring to ask students to wear a mask (of course Youngkin sends one of his own kids to a private school that enforces masks).

As dystopian as it is, at least pranksters have found a new playground in Youngkin's budding Oceania, where they can flood the hotline with comical complaints of "unpleasant facts" for the governor to enjoy.

For example:

"Albus Dumbeldor was teaching that full blooded wizards discriminated against mudbloods!" one Harry Potter-inspired prankster claims to have written.

"Mrs. Krabappel and Principal Skinner were in the closet making babies and I saw one of the babies and the baby looked at me!" another said, referencing the Simpsons.

"My teenage son came home from school and told me my teachers are attempting to teach him! I'm outraged and find this completely unacceptable…" another began. "Who do these teachers think they are? …"

Human rights lawyer and Sirius XM host Qasim Rashid collected some of the fun "tips" people say they emailed to Youngkin, pasting them into his tweet (below).

"You guys. I explicitly said to NOT send fake racism tips to and in response you all send this, pictured below," Rashid sarcastically said in his post.

"So I repeat — do not use the below as a guide on how to send fake racism tips directly to the VA GOP Governor's Office. Thank you."

That's right. Do NOT use the guide below — unless you want to have some fun.

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