Here's an easy way to cheat in Wordle

If you would want to "beat" competitive friends and family members at Wordle but have no desire to play the game, use this bookmarklet designed by Review Geek to provide the answer on the first try.

The writers at Review Geek like to win a game of Wordle without any tricks. At least, that's what we thought when we still had our daily win streaks. This last week of Wordle has kicked our collective butts, so naturally, we developed a handy tool that gives us each day's Wordleanswer in a single tap or click.

Our Wordle cheat tool works in both desktop and mobile browsers, and it only reveals answers when you're ready to cheat. Plus, it's a simple bookmarklet, not a browser extension, so it doesn't run in the background or need any updates.

If you don't want to cheat, Review Geek recommends using a good starting word. They say the best one is roate (definition: learning by repetition).