Watch: Marjorie Taylor Greene awkwardly sits as callers bash her on live TV show

CongressQnut Marjorie Taylor Greene branched out this week, stepping away from the comfort of Steve Bannon's War Room to take part in a live call-in show on cable access channel UCTV in Georgia. And it didn't go so well.

"I just want to say thank God for Joe Biden," said one caller. "She is an embarrassment to the state of Georgia." 

"Well, we all have our opinions," the host said, trying to keep it light, while Greene sat quietly with a tight smirk.

"Amen to that, and I've got mine," the caller said.

Another called in to chastise Marge and her Big Liar colleagues for not accepting Joe Biden as their president, even though Democrats reluctantly put up with Donald Trump as president for four years.

"Maybe we didn't like Trump, but he won, and so that was it. … you'll just peck peck peck … you won't get anything done! …" Again, Greene didn't have her usual snide comebacks, but instead sat mute while she tightly grinned.

Greene seems completely out of character in the two Twitter clips below.

[Correction: In an earlier version of this post I thought it was bizarre that she would appear on the University of California's UCTV channel. Thank you readers for correcting me. Apparently there is more than one UCTV. Makes a lot more sense that she'd stick close to home, although even that didn't work out too well for her!]

Via Huff Post and Raw Story