Why did Frankie Muniz leave Hollywood?

As Malcolm in the Middle drew to a close, I knew at least one member of the cast was bound for superstardom. I just never expected that person to be Bryan Cranston. Part of what fueled Cranston's subsequent success came from taking roles that deliberately played against his unassuming role as the patriarch in Malcolm in the Middle. At the time, I was sure that series lead Frankie Muniz would find himself inundated with starring roles due to the show's success. Then, after a few starring roles in movies, he just kind of faded away from the public eye. While the story of reclusive Hollywood stars isn't new, it rarely ever happens with child stars. Usually, kids who happen upon fame in the Hollywood game spend the rest of their lives chasing the high of celebrity. Muniz, on the other hand, willingly ditched the limelight and lived off his money in peace. 

Muniz sits down with Steve-O in the video linked above to explain why he left the Hollywood life behind.