Survey: 85% of international students unable to enter Japan say their mental health has deteriorated

In a survey of 3,115 students who have been unable to enter Japan for study 58.4% say their mental health has "significantly declined" and 26.2% say it has "slightly declined," according to Japan Today.

David Rossi, who runs a company in Japan for international students, announced the findings at a press conference.

Rossi said the government should "start accepting international students immediately as every other G7 and OECD country is already doing," referring to nations belonging to the Group of Seven and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

"At least, the government should present a clear road map as to how students will enter the country," said Rossi, who set up an organization last April to support foreign students affected by Japan's border controls.

One respondent was quoted as saying, "It got so bad that I contemplated suicide many times," and that she should have chosen to learn Korean instead "because all my friends who chose that are enjoying their life and not feeling suicidal every day."